Eyelash Extensions

No mascara can give you lashes like these!

Eyelash Extensions involve grafting synthetic individual lashes ontop of your natural lash, one by one using medical grade glue.

Beauty Queen’s Eyelash Extensions are applied so carefully and skillfully that your friends and family will not know what you have done to brighten and open up your eyes!

Just imagine waking up and already looking like you have make up on! Not only do eyelash extensions thicken and lengthen your lashes, it also cuts mascara (and the dreaded panda eyes) obselete!

Refills are recommended every 2 weeks for beautiful lashes constantly. Otherwise these are also fantastic for holidays or weddings. Great for special occasions!

Tip: If you have light eyelashes, you should consider getting an eyelash tint too!


Complete Eye MakeOver (incl: Lash & brow tint, brow wax and Full set Lashes) $215
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions w/ Lash Tint (recommended for light lashes) $190
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions $176
3/4 Refills $129
1/2 Refills $100
1/4 Refills $69
Soak off (please note we do not soak lashes from other salons) $50


“The BEST salon around. Love this place, the girls always provide a  professional and friendly service. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend!”

- Jen from East Perth 15/4/2014